English Worship Service on Sunday, July 7. 14:30-16:00

The program for our English Worship Service on Sunday, July 7.
Let’s pray that the Lord accomplish all His purposes through our gathering.

  1. Messenger: Bruce   (and Translator: Natsuko)
  2. Music instrument: Alex (lead worship and songs), Katy (instruments)
  3. Power Point/ Media: Anthony
  4. Coffee/Tea prep: Laura L., Meg S.

Worship ServiceInvitation to Approach God      Psalm 100  (Sue) 

Praise Song #1 (Alex and Katy)     “Praise is Rising”Prayer  (Anthony)

Praise Song #2  (Alex and Katy)    “Amazing Love”Hearing from God    Genesis 1:3-    (Tadashi)

Message: (Bruce)   “A Foundation for Life_ God is Good”

Praise Song #3   (Alex and Katy)    “Still”
Small Group Discussion/Application   

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