English Worship Service

Next Sunday afternoon (2:30 pm) on March 1. 

Here is the program for English Worship Service : 

1.   Messenger: Bruce   (and Translator: Natsuko)

2.    Musical Instruments: Alex and Katy  

3.    PowerPoint/ Media: Anthony

4.    Fellowship Prep: Laura L., Natsuko and Laura H. 

      Worship Service

Invitation to Approach God     

Psalm 46  (Alex: odd verses, group: even verses)

Praise Song #1 (Alex and Katy)

Prayer  (Sue)

Praise Song #2 (Alex and Katy) 

Hearing from God    Genesis 9:1-17   (read one verse each going around the group)

Message: (Bruce & Natsuko)   “A Foundation for Life_ A Man Who Found Favor with God”

Praise Song #3   (Alex and Katy)   

Small Group Discussion/Application

1) What can you learn about God from this passage? What does a rainbow in the sky teach us about His Word?

2) What can you learn about a man who has favor with God from this passage? How does a life of trust in God affect others?

3) Tell us about a “new start” in your life. In what way is God involved?

4) Do you have a prayer request to share with us?

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