About Pastors

Pastor Fumihiko Takada (2013- )

He was born in Fukushima prefecture on 1966.
He was married, has one daughter.
He likes fishing, driving, baseball, history and tea ceremony.


Former Pastor Kazuyoshi Takahashi ( – 2011)

He was born in Saitama prefecture on 1955.  It was only 10 years after the end of the second world war, and it was when the era of the television had just arrived.
When he was kid, he enjoyed music especially he was crazy for the Beatles.

He became Christian when he was in high school, and participated in high school evangelical effort which led him to be a pastor later.

He would like to keep following the guidance of the Bible, and keep reading it with any one of us.

He is married with three children; one son and two daughters. He likes playing the guitar, physical exercises, and taking a walk in the city.

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